Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not My Best Beginning

Kudos to all of you long time bloggers.  I don't know how you do it.  I published one little post and I got yelled at.
"You didn't say anything!  Who would want to read that?!  At least tell them something about yourself.  And I better not catch you badmouthing me!" came the shrill observation of my lovely, and soft spoken wife, Mrs. Penguin.
"Sorry, Dear.  I will fix it immediately." I respond in my sheepdog-ish voice in the hopes that she will stop hitting me with the herring she is holding with all the love in my heart.

So now, a little something about me...

I'm very international.  I drive around America in a car made in Mexico by an Italian company while listening to the French singer Edith Piaf or humming Irish drinking songs to myself.  How cosmopolitan!  However, if you look at my passport you will see that I went to Mexico with my family when I was 12 and that was the extent of my international travels.  That doesn't mean that I'm naive in the ways of the world.  I eat at The International House of Pancakes all the time so I know a thing or two about foreign affairs.

OK, maybe this will be enough to get Mrs. Penguin off my back show Mrs. Penguin that I value her opinion and I know that she was right, this page did need another post.

Two little things before I go;
1) That picture is not my car.  I jacked that shot off the internet, although mine does look just like it.
2)  How can a blog site show the word "bloggers" as being spelled wrong?

Opus T. Penguin

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