The Penguin Family

Mrs. Penguin - she is actually the second "Mrs. Penguin" and she will be the last.  This isn't my choice, she told me that I'm not allowed to have another one.  There is a whole list of things that she tells me I can't have.

Daughter #1 (D1) - Although she wasn't born a Penguin she is one in her heart.  She's been in my nest since she was six or so.  She was born back in '88.  She is currently married to Son-in-Law #1 (SiL1) and they have two little girls.  They both work and are going to college.

Daughter #2 (D2) - Again, this daughter joined the Penguin family a little late.  She was only four when she stumbled into the flock.  She was born back in '90.  She is married to Son-in-Law #2 (SiL2).  SiL2 is working while D2 is raising their two little boys.

Daughter #3 (D3) - Born in '92, this little chick caused me to flunk a final in college.  You try staying up all night waiting on a kid to be born and then see how much you remember about Pharmacology.  She is currently in college working on a pretty good degree.

Daughter #4 (D4) - Born in '94, this one is up for sale if anyone wants her.  Just kidding, I was seeing if you were still reading.  She just started college and she moved into an apartment with D3 since they're attending the same school and work in the same restaurant.

Opus Jr. - Finally, a kid with a penis.  Born in '02 and no one was happier than D4.  That meant she didn't have to be the boy anyone.  She was thrilled that I finally let her sit down to pee.  Opus Jr. is in school, working to advance to joining the Boy Scouts, and studying martial arts.

The Next Generation

Grand-daughter #1 (GD1) - Daughter of D1.  Born in '08.

Grand-daughter #2 (GD2) - Daughter of D1.  Born in '11.

Grand-son #1 (GS1) - Son of D2.  Born in '09.

Grand-son #2 (GS2) - Son of D2.  Born in '11.

I'll tell you more about them later.

The Furry Generation

Han - Big yellow Labrador Retriever.  Friendliest dog ever!

Bart - Little red Dachshund.  There is nothing that this dog won't pee on.

Lucy - Best cat to ever walk the planet.  Passed away in '12.  He is missed.  Yes, I said "he".

The Mangler - Daughter of Lucy.  Born in '12 just as Lucy passed away so she's still a baby.

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